2022: forward in the spirit of Desmond Tutu


First of all, we wish you a happy 2022! 

On the threshold of the new year, we bid a sad farewell to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a source of inspiration and friend of Eosta. In addition to being a peace-maker and Nobel laureate, Tutu was also a great advocate of environmental protection and sustainable agriculture. In 2014, Tutu received a "Soilmate" from Volkert Engelsman, as part of the Eosta campaign Save Our Soils, which worked to preserve soils. 

Eosta worked together with, among others, the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre in Cape Town on projects in townships such as Langa, Nyanga and Ocean View. The South-African rapper Earl Mentor, who was a gang leader in his youth, founded a community center with support of Eosta and is now the director of PeaceJam South Africa  and a leader in the Desmond Tutu youth center. In addition, Eosta has initiated major composting projects in South Africa and is helping South African fruit growers convert to organic farming. 

In 2022, Eosta will continue to propagate Tutu's ideas: building a sustainable and harmonious society with a sustainable food supply. In South Africa the upcoming grape season is full of promise. We are looking forward to products from new converters and suppliers. For example, the first organic grapes (with pips) from Peru have arrived, of the Red Globe variety. You can read more about this here

"Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world" - Desmond Tutu