A preview of grape season, visiting South Africa

Grapes Hit (26)


Eosta colleagues Dennis, Robert and Koen have returned from their 10-days round trip South Africa earlier this week. As we promise to deliver our customers the best quality of organic products, we think it is important to visit our growers on a regular base. Besides this is the best way to visit potential new growers that would like to be added to our portfolio. Only by doing it this way, you can see, smell and feel the development of the crops. How does the grower develop the work regarding the paddles of the Eosta sustainability flower, for example on compost and irrigation. Besides you hear the real stories of your growers when you are in the fields together. The focus of this business trip has been on grapes, as the season is about to start, lemons and oranges.

One of our ambitious growers informed us that the completely new packing house for just organic will be ready next year. Another grower has planted many new trees where others have succeeded to rebuild the infrastructure after a period of heavy rainfall and the broken dam. It is good to see the energy among the workers in the fields. How they take care of each others children and live together like a big family. All growers and their team work with passion on their sustainability goals in order to provide you with the best organic fruits.

The first organic grapes Early Sweet, Prime and Evans Delight will be in our warehouse right before Christmas. Varieties like Sweet Globe and Sweet Celebration will follow in January.

Dennis, Robert and Koen have been sharing their photos and stories to the team, so contact your Eosta accountmanager for all details and make sure you schedule your program on forehand in order to guarantee delivery of your orders.