Ataulfo Mango from Ecuador

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Hola, my name is Joe and together with my father we grow delicious organic Ataulfo mango’s here in the Zaruma region in Ecuador.  Our Ataulfo mango, also known as Honey Mango, is tree ripened for maximum taste! 

Honey Mango, fun & facts 

  • Tree ripened for full taste experience
  • Wonderfully „honey“ sweet
  • Small pit
  • Creamy and fibreless fruit flesh
  • Always enjoy when fully ripe and not when the fruit is hard and green
  • Yellow, slightly soft, aromatic, slightly wrinkled = optimal ripeness
  • Available in Carton/IFCO/EPS 12x 150-165gr
  • Your Eosta accountmanager has all details!

Organic farming means farming in cooperation with nature. It has been proved that the Biodiversity on organic farms is much larger. Learn more about our sustainability flower? Visit my farm: natureandmore.com - (code 239)