Avocados without feeling guilty - take your chance!

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Did you already know that you can enjoy our avocados without any guilt? The Nature & More avocados from our supplier Anthony from Kenya are probably the most environmental and social friendly avocados in the world. They are organic, super water economical and the Kenyan workers truly get a Living Wage thanks to your purchase.

Anthony previously won the award of best Kenyan avocado exporter. These organic avocados have a Blue Water Footprint of zero, by comparison, conventional avocados from other parts of the world often have a water footprint of 1,000 up to 2,000 liters. The Kenyan avocados are irrigated using rainwater, as this area of Kenya experiences plenty of rainfall.

Unique to these avocados is that they are the first Living Wage avocados in the world. Per kilogram of avocados, Eosta saves 2 cents to supplement the wages of the 80 workers at Mavuno, which allows them to climb out of poverty. With the money saved from last year, we will be able to close the wage gap. 

Besides being water-friendly and social, these avocados are truly ecological. They are grown by small-scale growers in an agroforestry environment. No monocultures, pesticides and artificial fertilizers, but instead lots of biodiversity.

Last but not least, these avocados are delicious. Eosta now has a state-of-the-art Aweta machine that allows avocados to be selected accurately on ripeness and quality, ensuring the best quality in-store and on the shelves.

View Anthony's story with code 305 at www.natureandmore.com ( https://www.natureandmore.com/nl/growers/anthony-ngugi)

For more info on Living Wage: https://www.livingwage.eu/nl/living-wage-avocados