BBQ Summer Season

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Organic summer bbq time! Get your grill, apron & fruit 'n veg ready for this summer feast!

Summer is all about spending time outside with some friends and family who we have not seen for a while. Long, warm, relaxing evenings with a refreshing drink and “easy”, tasty food. It therefore comes as no surprise that the barbecue plays an important role during these summer months. For many people barbecuing automatically means eating lots of meat, not much else. That is why Nature & More reintroduces the “Organic Summer BBQ”, highlighting the delights of organic fruits and vegetables. The goal is to show consumers that organic fruits & vegetables are a fantastic, simple, colorful, delicious alternative or accompaniment for the “same old boring, sausages and burgers. 

SWEET POTATO SUMMER BBQ, are you ready for an organic summer feast?!  Fire up your grill for these delectable roasted sweet potatoes! Simply slice them, add a drizzle of oil, some salt and rosemary, and roast. Serve with a sour cream & chive dip, or even better a fresh quacamole made from our organic Living Wage inclusive avocados from Kenya! Perfect for dipping, sauces and salads.

Real men grill green - get creative and grill all your favorite vegetables.  As dessert  you can roast pineapple , served with mascarpone, grilled apple slices with a dusting or cinnamon, and roasted oranges with a scoop of icecream.