Calinda Strawberries, mother nature at her very best!

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Our organic Nature & More strawberries from Spain are known as the big delight.  This sweet, juicy fruit is more than just a strawberry; it's Mother Nature at her very best. Enjoy a taste sensation with every healthy mouthful for one of life's great pleasures.


  • Medium size, conical shape
  • Consistent red and shiny
  • Very juicy with excellent flavor
  • Sweeter than the traditional varieties
  • Soft bite
  • Stable weight during the harvest period
  • Less tough texture compared to other southern European varieties
  • Long shelf life – 2 to 3 days longer compared to conventional varieties
  • available in 8x250gr plastic free packaging

Direct sourcing

  • Our best growers with many years of experience
  • Fields less than 1km from the packing station
  • Own packing stations in Spain
  • Cultivation exclusively in foil tunnel
  • Daily Refrigerated transport directly to the customer

Contact your Eosta account manager for all details and availability.