Challenge: one Week without Meat!


Monday 8th of March is the official kick-off of the yearly Dutch “Week without Meat”. Worldwide we also know Meatless Monday and World Meat Free Week in June. As the name suggests, all participants actively choose not to consume meat products. Studies are showing the detrimental effect that the meat industry has on both the health of our planet as well as our own health. By consuming no meat for 1 week you will save 130 liters of water, 76 km of driving by car, and create a nice amount of animal welfare!

Fruits and vegetables are, of course, the ideal meat replacement. In a healthy and sustainable diet, most of your proteins can come from plant sources. We are convinced that food contributes significantly to how fit and happy you feel. Good for you, good for the planet! We can offer delicious, exciting and fulfilling vegan recipes. Take a look at the website natureandmore.com/recipes or send an email to fleur@eosta.com. Make sure your shelves are filled with fruits and veggies and contact your Eosta account manager.