Combat food waste: enjoy small sized organic lemons!


Sometimes lemons are just too big! Withered lemon quarters in the fridge, half a lemon in the fruit basket surrounded by hungry fruit flies… eventually, they are thrown away. This also happens in the lemon orchards around the world when perfect lemons are left to rot for the simple reason that the size is small. This is a great shame because these lemons are ideal if you need just a little zest or juice in your recipe and for single-household families. Approximately one third of all food worldwide is wasted. Be part of the solution and combat food waste! 

Lemons from our Nature & More growers from Chile and South Africa can be packed in a (cellulose) net with 5-10 lemons (500 gram) and your private label on the tag. Delivered in EPS/IFCO/BOX. 

Simply contact your Eosta account manager for more detailed information.