Dr. Goodfood VitaPlate: What's on your plate?



The Dr. Goodfood VitaPlate shows you what should be on your plate three times a day, in order to create a healthy and complete meal. 

Just use your eyes to assess your meal in terms of health, it's super easy. If you make sure that you buy the right groceries, you can improvise and vary endlessly. Half of the plate is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, a quarter is cereals and potatoes, the other quarter is protein sources. Top it off with a bit of healthy fat. If you eat in accordance with VitaPlate, you will optimally support your health and immune system! 

The VitaPlate is suitable for everyone and does not exclude any personal choice. You can give your own personal interpretation to the distribution of the VitaPlate. The exact proportions can differ per person, for instance if you follow a low-carb, paleo or keto diet. 

Want to know more about the VitaPlate and get more tips on how to easily improve your health? Check out the Dr. Goodfood website!