Easter it up with Natural Branding!

Instead of highlighting a specific grower or product, we decided to focus on some delicious organic spring specialties that not only deserve some extra attention but also in some sense resemble Easter Eggs! Furthermore, all these products are grown in harmony with nature and in that sense can be seen as part of the solution instead of part of the problem. In that regard we would like to thank our customers for helping to grow the organic segment and contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Organic natural branded kiwis

Although Eosta is in a position to naturally brand a wide range of products our personal favourite is the kiwi. The mark is extremely clear and truly adds value while at the same time ensuring that these wonderful tasty vitaminbombs do not need to be packed in harmful plastic. If you are interested in hearing what Eosta can do for you when it comes to offering premium sustainable kiwis then please have a chat with the Eosta account manager.

Organic sweet potatoes in Easter theme

As we are still celebrating the International Sweet Potato week, we would once again like to highlight our USA Covington variety. Particularly for the smaller “Easter Egg” product we are able to offer some interesting prices.