Eat Your Organic Salad!

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Eosta has been advocating for education around Organic fruit & vegetable consumption for years! This year at the Eurovision songfestival the band Citi Zēni made it to the semi finals with their song "Eat your salad" - raising awareness for eco friendly living and a vegan diet, which includes more organic produce!

Listen to their song here!

Organic agriculture is based on the ideal of sustainability; it wants to farm in a way that can be maintained for generations.
There is ample scientific proof that organic farming can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is a more resilient approach in a changing climate. The improved water holding capacity of organic soils makes it easier to deal with wet and dry intervals. Organic farmers can even have a positive climate impact, by sequestring carbon in their soils.

Salads are an easy way to increase your daily organic vegetable intake. Such as this delicious pearl couscous salad with pumpkin, dates and yoghurt-mintdip. You can find the recipe here!