Eosta introduces Kiwi Muppets

Thanks to high tech laser technology, organic fruit and vegetable specialist Eosta is able to turn a simple organic kiwi into a cheeky fruit muppet. The Nature & More Kiwi Muppets are a fun and easy way for kids to get their much needed portion of vitamins and fibers.

Although it is a well-known fact that fruits and vegetables are good for us, we do not come close to consuming the recommended daily intake. Research shows that more than 75% of children in Europe eat too little fruits and vegetables. One of the ways to increase the consumption amongst children is to make it more fun.

A few years ago Eosta successfully introduced BUG, individually wrapped organic oranges that can be turned into an active beetle. This week the Dutch organic fruit and vegetable specialist is launching Kiwi Muppets.

Kenny, Katy and Kalissa Kiwi

Michaël Wilde, who is responsible for sustainability and communication explains: “Thanks to natural branding laser technology we can now not only brand our fruit and vegetables with organic logo’s but also add other texts and designs including these fun faces”. He continues: “The only thing that people need to do at home is partly cut the kiwi open along the cut line. This way you have a mouth and that brings Kenny, Katy and Kalissa Kiwi to life”.

Natural Branding

Natural Branding is the organic approach to marking fruits and vegetables with a laser beam. In the process, a bit of pigment is removed from the outer layer of the peel. This contact-free method was approved by EU Organic certifier SKAL, no additional substances are used, and the method is so superficial that it has no effect on taste or shelf life. The energy needed for a marking is less than 1% of the energy needed for a sticker. The biggest advantage of this innovation is that it is no longer necessary to pack the organic products in harmful plastic foil.

Natural Branding saves tons of plastic and other packaging materials; Just for one product line for one customer, we are saving over 750,000 packaging units, which is tons of plastic. Meanwhile, we supply more than 10 customers home and abroad, saving thousands of miles of plastic films.

Nature & More is the "trace & tell" trademark for organic fruits and vegetables of distributor Eosta, Europe's market leader in fresh produce, based in the Netherlands. Nature & More is constantly searching for ways to pack less, like for example with packaging made of sugarcane and carton.