Eosta introduces sustainable paper inlays

At Eosta we firmly believe that sustainably farmed organic products deserve to be packed in environmentally friendly material if packed at all. Furthermore, numerous studies show that organic consumers are negative about plastic packaging. With this in mind Eosta proudly introduces recycled paper inlay for vegetables and fruits.

For many years we have been innovating in the field of packaging and our journey has taken us from PLA – non oil based plastic to sugar cane material, Natural Branding, carton trays and special stickers.

In this process, we work closely with our customers in order to find the optimal sustainable, packaging solution that takes into account product and packaging look and feel, shelf life, product visibility, price and communication.
The paper inlays were created in this context. According to Eosta Packaging manager Paul Hendriks, the new paper inlays offer numerous advantages: “The sheets are made from FSC certified, recycled paper and are 100% plastic-free. No pulp material is used in its production, which normally produces a lot of CO2 emissions. In addition, it is free from harmful, mineral oils (MOSH / MOAH) and food safe ‘’. In addition, these inlays offer supermarkets a major advantage when it comes to waste flows. The inserts can be separated together with the cardboard boxes, which ensures a more one-sided waste flow.

Wide range of possibilities and sizes making it ideal for: Kiwis, Lemons, Oranges, Limes, Bell Peppers, Avocado’s, Tomatoes, Apples, Pears, Passionfruit, Mangos and much much more

For more information please speak to our packaging experts or one of our Eosta account managers.