Eosta invites customers to join the SIFAV alliance

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SIFAV agreement sets concrete targets for sustainable fruit and vegetables

Eosta has set specific and measurable targets for 2020-2025 for CO2 reduction, food waste, water footprint and Living Wage. The targets were jointly set in the SIFAV Pact, which was launched in March and brings together 25 international trading companies and retailers in the international fruit and vegetable sector.


Eosta invites trading partners in Germany and other European countries to join the SIFAV alliance. SIFAV is a project of the Sustainable Trade Initiative IDH to make fresh fruit and vegetable chains more sustainable. Conventional and organic trading companies and retailers in six countries are members. As an exclusive organic supplier, Eosta is a leader in the industry and shares its knowledge of best practices within the network.

Specific goals

The new agreement for 2020-2025 includes ambitions to improve the footprint throughout the chain, especially in the areas of climate, water and Living Wage. Specific targets have been set, such as reducing the carbon footprint by 25% for three products. In collaboration with IDH, member companies will determine their environmental footprint. This goal is in line with Eosta's vision, as we have been mapping our impact for some time in collaboration with the consultancy Soil & More Impacts.

What Eosta is already doing

Eosta is committed to 100% organic farming as part of the solution to the world's climate challenge. But organic also offers great benefits for soil, water, biodiversity and social impact. For example, Eosta is an international leader in the practical implementation of a living wage in the fruit and vegetable sector. Eosta also pays attention to sustainability in-house. The headquarters and warehouse were built in a sustainable and circular way and are carbon neutral, with 5796 solar panels on the roof. Eosta's car fleet will be emission-free by January 1, 2024.


The SIFAV initiative was founded in 2012 by the Sustainable Trade Initiative IDH. In 2019, the trade volume of partners in SIFAV was three million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, from 60 countries. In 2021, SIFAV has 25 partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Customers interested in learning more about SIFAV can contact Eosta QD-Manager Gert-Jan Lieffering, GertJan.Lieffering@eosta.com, 0180-635500.