Eosta is ready for 100% plastic-free fruit and vegetable packaging in 2022

* PaperBox and PaperPack complete the plastic revolution that started with Natural Branding *



It was recently reported in the media that two thirds of the plastic packaging in supermarkets cannot be recycled. But recycling plastic will no longer be necessary if organic specialist Eosta has its way. Cutting edge innovations now allow Eosta to offer all its fresh fruit and vegetables plastic-free. Besides Natural Branding laser labelling, Eosta now has paper flowpacks and boxes in different sizes as new plastic-free options. Popular products such as organic tomatoes, berries and avocados are still frequently packaged in plastic.

Many consumers are annoyed by the excessive abundance of plastic in supermarkets. And this certainly applies to fruit and vegetables. Supermarkets frequently package organic fruit to differentiate it from conventionally grown products. A terrible shame for this type of sustainable product, because, unfortunately, a great deal of plastic ends its life polluting the environment. Forty percent of all plastic waste in Europe starts life as food packaging. Hence the fact that a significant number of countries are implementing measures to constrain the flow of plastic. France is taking the lead – plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables will be banned there from 1 January 2022.

Natural Branding

Eosta, the Waddinxveen-based international distributor of organic fruit and vegetables, is ready for France and the rest of the world. Eosta’s most radical solution (since 2016) is Natural Branding - laser labelling on fruit and vegetables. Eosta was the first organisation in Europe to roll out this concept for organic products on a large scale. With Natural Branding, you state the difference on the skin and packaging is not required. This has saved 30 million packaging units and 1.5 million kilograms of CO2 in the last 5 years.

New plastic-free flowpacks and more

Most organic tomatoes, apples and other products are still packaged in the popular flowpacks: trays covered with plastic foil. Soft fruits such as blueberries are often presented in small plastic punnets. This is no longer necessary, asserts Eosta’s packaging manager Paul Hendriks. In recent years, Eosta developed various options using paper and cardboard for soft fruits, hard fruits and other products: PaperPack, PaperBox, PaperSleeve and PaperShaker. PaperPacks in particular have the potential to replace millions of flowpacks. You can find more information on these options at the bottom of the page.

The ball is in the supermarkets’ court

The final decision must be made by the retail sector – supermarkets or health food stores will determine which packaging is used. Price differences, marketing, shelf life, functionality and efficiency are all influential factors. However, the issue is crystal clear for Eosta. Paul Hendriks: “The most sustainable packaging is no packaging! This is why we will always continue searching for new, better solutions.”

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Overview of Eosta’s plastic-free options:

PaperPack (new): a real flowpack made of paper with a thin viscose net, behind which the product is clearly visible. Super-efficient and completely automatic. For products such as organic apples, pears, tomatoes, avocados, limes and lemons.

PaperBox (new): an attractive paper/cardboard box with a culinary look in three sizes. Does not contain plastic, but the product is still easy to see. Easy to create a private label for customers. For products such as organic blueberries, ginger, turmeric, dates or passion fruit.

Natural Branding: the famous packaging-free solution using laser technology. For products such as organic avocados, mangos, kiwis, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, ginger and much more.

PaperSleeve: paper/cardboard boxes ensconced in an open wrapper. For organic apples and pears or other large fruits.

PaperShaker: shakers made from paper/cardboard for snack products such as grapes.

Other plastic-free options: paper/cardboard carry trays with handles, date boxes, physalis trays and viscose nets for citrus fruits.

Eosta, with its Nature & More consumer brand and transparency system, is Europe’s most innovative distributor of organic fruit and vegetables. Eosta is well known for its sustainability campaigns such as Living Wages, True Cost of Food and Dr. Goodfood. The company won the King William I Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in 2018, the European Business Award for the Environment in 2019 and the Eco-Logic Climate Change Award in 2021. See also www.esta.com and www.natureandmore.com.


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