Eosta joins alliance that calls on EU to make Living Wage a human right

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25 May 2022 - Eosta has joined an alliance of 59 companies and NGOs to call on the European Parliament to ensure that living wages and incomes are included as a human right in the final corporate sustainability due diligence directive (EU CSDD).  Signatories include companies Fairphone, Tony's Chocolonely, Eosta, Unilever as well as initiatives such as UN Global Compact, Fairtrade, Fair Wear Foundation, Solidaridad and more. Eosta is a front runner with Living Wages in the market for fresh fruit and vegetables and is the only current provider of fresh organic produce with  a Living Wage promise in the European market: Eosta offers Living Wage avocado's and Living Wage mango's and is working on new products.

Earlier this year, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a directive on corporate  sustainability due diligence. The European Parliament is now further developing this legislation.  The signatories of the letter call on the Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the member states: 

  • To ensure living wages and incomes are included as a human right in the final 
  • Not to compromise on the definitions of living wage and income ; Living Wages are NOT Legal Minimum Wages.

If there is a need for a further definition of living wages and income beyond the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) article 7, the signatories recommend referring to the definitions of the Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) and the Living Income Community of Practice (LICOP). 

The letter was initiated by Fairphone.

About Living Wage:  Nearly 1 in 5 workers globally earn too little to lift  themselves and their families out of extreme poverty. Living wage and income can help break  the cycle of poverty, build healthy local economies and encourage equality in societies, while  improving business performance and profitability.  The time for living wage and incomes is now.  See also:  www.livingwage.eu