Eosta's True Cost campaign is now a subject of scientific study



Eosta has been promoted to a subject of scientific research! Researchers of the German University Greifswald were inspired by our True Cost of Food campaign and published a scientific article on the responsible implementation of True Cost Accounting in “Sustainability Science”. 

Eosta works with universities often, but being featured in a scientific article is special. The new study investigates the implementation of True Cost Accounting to make the foods system more sustainable. It warns that end responsibility lies with law makers, not with consumers: “The biggest pitfall in implementing TCA would be an increase in prices without generating change.”

Instead of putting the costs on vulnerable consumers, an equal playing field must be created in the market: “Law maker must design a market that incentivizes sustainable consumption and production, without disregarding feasibility for the individual.” We couldn't agree more!

You can read the article here