Hate waste, love Food

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Selma Seddik, founder of Instock: "Food waste is a huge problem. In the world we throw away 1/3 of everything we produce. And that is a terrible waste of raw materials and CO2 emissions".

At Eosta we also have to throw away fruit or vegetables sometimes. The main reason for this is the different requirements that products have to meet. Nature & More takes its own responsibility and is making an effort to find a good destination for "waste". To do so, we work together with many wonderful charities, social enterprises and Instock.

The mission of Instock is to reduce food waste. 8% of CO2 emissions are caused by food waste. Wholesaler InstockMarket and a nice range of circular brands has become the way to achieve more impact; a win-win-win for provider, chef and planet. (Source: AGF.nl)

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