How can you help your customers make the right choices?

Healthy, fair, organic food! That is what citizens are really looking for in times like these, all around Europe. Switzerland is currently heading for a total ban on synthetic pesticides and Germany is working on a law that obligates companies to buy and sell only socially responsible goods. Things are changing fast.

Check out Eosta’s video to see what our nudging campaigns can do for you:

Do you help your customers make the right choices? Commercial success in retail is not just about pricing anymore. Retailers and foodstores are increasingly expected to help customers find truly meaningful products that fill in their needs: healthy, fair, organic.

Research shows that consumers actually like to be nudged in the right direction, if it helps them to make better choices. Eosta can help! We have positive campaigns on health, fair trade and environmental impact.

Eosta is offering nudging campaigns and POS materials on a variety of issues:

1. Health: Dr. Goodfood campaign and products

2. Fairness: Living Wages campaign and products

3. Organic impact: Positive Impact Tickers and True Cost of Food campaign.

Contact us, and we’ll find an approach that fits your purposes and customers.