"I’m proud that people can now see where my apples come from"

Dutch Biodynamic apple grower Louis Ruissen is proud. Finally, European consumers who enjoy his apples, can find out exactly who the grower is behind the fruit. Earlier this week Louis received his first personalized Nature & More carton. By entering his code (621) on the Nature and More website (natureandmore.com), consumers can learn more about Louis and his fabulous orchard.

Louis Ruissen apples no longer anonymous

Ricardo Montoya, productmanager at Eosta, presented the first personalised carton to Louis. Montoya: "Louis owns a fabulous biodynamic orchard which has been certified organic for more than 15 years. The orchard is full of life and vitality and this can be tasted in his apples. His Santana apples for example are exceptionally red ... the perfect Christmas apple!”

Louis Ruissen explains why it is so important for him to be able to supply “personalised fruit”: "Trees and growers are not objects or factors of production but living organisms. In the stores our fruit is usually completely anonymous, that is why I am happy that people now can clearly see that I am the grower of the apples … that makes me proud”.