Living Wage is a hit. Listen to the interview!

Eosta's Living Wage mango's and avocado's are gaining traction in the market. Eight health food chains and retailers in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are selling these fair products. Nevertheless some people are still unfamiliar with the concept. In this interview with the #LivingWageLab, Eosta's quality manager Gert-Jan Lieffering explains why it matters: "In many countries a worker  is guaranteed a minimum wage, but that is not a Living Income. If you want to pay a Living Wage, you need to involve all parties within the value chain: the supplier, seller and consumer.". 

A Living Wage is defined as a wage that supports a decent standard of living for the worker and her or his family. This includes not only basic needs, but also education, healthcare, and money to save for unexpected life events. Look on our Living Wage website for more information: http://www.livingwage.eu..

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