Living Wage Mango's

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Our organic kent mango's from Burkina Faso are not only a rich source of vitamines & free of chemicals, they also provide a Living Wage for its workers! 

In 2020, Eosta launched mangos from Burkina Faso as the first fresh product with a Living Wage-inclusive price on the European food market. The price is 10 cents per kilogram of mangos higher – if all mangos can be sold at that price, this would be sufficient for all of the Burkinabe supplier’s employees to close the Living Wage gap.

A Living Wage is a wage that makes it possible to live a life with dignity and rise out of poverty, and it is usually significantly higher than the minimum wage. The Living Wage also includes the costs of education and health, and savings for exceptional situations. This facilitates structural improvements in the long term. It is still a new expression – you cannot actually find any products that guarantee a Living Wage in high-risk countries in supermarkets today. You will not only help the workers, but also their family to lead a dignified life with better prospects for the future.

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Visit the grower: https://www.natureandmore.com/en/growers/zongo-adama

Learn more about Living Wage: http://livingwage.eu/en