Media coverage of Save Our Soils action Berlin - on national TV!

The Save Our Soils guerrilla farming action in Berlin on October 28th during Global Soil Week has been a huge success. The German national ZDF-channel broadcasted an item in the evening news about the soil problem and showed footage of the guerrilla planting action. World famous activist Vandana Shiva, Klaus Töpfer of Global Soil Week and Volkert Engelsman of Nature & More participated in unsealing a small part of the Berlin pavement, planting cabbage and promoting the Soilmate, a product developed for the campaign.

Here is some of the media coverage of the action (in German):

The ZDF-item can still be seen HERE.

A great article about the Save Our Soils guerilla action.

Interview met Volkert Engelsman, initiator of the campaign.

Demeter published an article about the Berlin action.

Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften
Nachhaltig Wirtschaften published another good article about the Berlin campaign.

Schrot und Korn
Schrot und Korn wrote a large background article about soil.

An interview about the Berlin action with Klaus Töpfer.

Interview with famous German tv-cook and campaign patron Sarah Wiener about the soil issue.

An article about S.O.S. on the business-to-business platform Fruchtportal.

plantactie zdf

The guerrilla farming action on ZDF-television
The Soilmate had a prominent role in the action. The Soilmate is a product developed by Nature & More to draw consumers' attention to the subject of soil degradation. It consists of a small purple box containing organic vine tomatoes, compost and basil seeds, as well as information about the soil issue and an appeal to the consumer to get involved in urban farming.

vandana en volkert

Vandana Shiva and Volkert Engelsman with the Nature & More Soilmate.