Meet Gustavo, our new Mango grower from Ecuador

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Hello, my name is Gustavo and I work as the Food Safety Manager for an organic company that grows Mangos for Nature & More in Ecuador. 

We decided to venture into agriculture because of the high level of pollution that exists today due to the use of chemical products that are harmful to health and the environment, so we decided to do our bit to help environmental sustainability and to be able to consume healthier food. We have been a mango producer and exporter since 2000, we started with our first organic farm in 2018. In view of the good results and the very good reception in the international market, we decided to increase our organic farms. Today we have 3 organic farms with more than 120 hectares of organic production. At first glance the most visual benefits are greater biodiversity of beneficial insects in the field and less pollution in the soil and water sources. This new environment improved the quality of life and working environment of the field staff.

We have a department in charge of looking after the welfare of our employees, which is run by the social worker. This way we can channel all the doubts, questions and/or suggestions of all our staff. Bresson has the "SMETA" Social Responsibility certification, which assures our customers that the company is committed to the welfare of workers and the environment.

Visit my farm: natureandmore.com - (code 155)