Mingolo Mango

Mingolo Mango


It's Mango season and we are in the unique position to offer you the very tasty tree-ripened organic Mango variety Mingolo, freshly imported from the Dominican Republic, as from week 22. During harvest, the color of the fruit is still green. As the fruit is green while maturing in the tree, it will be harvested when turning towards yellow. It will turn gold-yellow after a couple of days and is ready to eat. The flavor of this variety is unique, richly tropical and the fruit contains few fiber strings. Mango fruit ranks as the fourth most consumed fruit in the world, after bananas, citrus and apples.

Mingolo Mangos …

  • Have a stocky and round shape with juicy yellow flesh that is packed full of sweet nectar
  • Taste richly tropical with a hint of peach and valencia orange
  • Contain few fiber strings and a pretty smooth texture; your toothpick is not necessary
  • Fresh from the fertile and rich soils of the Dominican Republic
  • Are ripe and ready to eat when soft and the color of the skin is deep gold-yellow
  • Have a mid-sized seed so enough fruit to enjoy
  • First cultivated in India over 5,000 years ago
  • Are suitable Natural Branding with your logo
  • Ideal for sandwiches and salads and guacamole

Dominican Republic has a rich history in growing mangos. Size of the Mingolo Mangos are CT 8-9-10-12 in 4kg boxes. 
Stock is freely available as from week 22. We get weekly fresh arrivals. Contact your Eosta accountmanager for pricing, possible programs and more details or send us an email: info@eosta.com