Natural Branding : Kids Muppet Kiwi's

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It is common knowledge that all of us are eating less fruits and vegetables than we should. We all know that eating a variety of (organic) vegetables and fruits ensures an excellent intake of micronutrients, dietary fibres and a host of essential non-nutrient substances. How can we ensure that consumption rises? We are focusing on the “fun factor”. Research shows that if you make eating fruits and vegetables entertaining, consumption will go up.

In this regard we are proud to launch our range of kids kiwi’s. All you need to do is cut the natural branded kiwi partly in half to create fun fruit Muppets. Don’t forget to give “Kenny, Katy or Kalissa Kiwi” a funny voice so that they can tell your kids how deliciously organic they are ! Of course we can also use our natural branding technology to ensure plastic packaging is no longer necessary !