Natural Branding makes it easy: Halloween Pumpkins

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It is autumn and we approach the Halloween festivities so therefore we would like to draw your attention to our Natural Branding Halloween pumpkins from our Nature & More grower Krispijn. With our laser technology we have prepared the “cut lines” for your very own jack o lantern. As you may know, the jack-o'-lantern pumpkin or turnip lantern is associated with the holiday of Halloween and named after the phenomenon of a strange light flickering over peat bogs.

Natural Branding …

  • is a natural, ecofriendly manner of branding a piece of fruit or vegetable.
  • it is a contactless method that is completely safe and totally natural.
  • a high definition laser removes the pigment from the outer layer of the skin of the product.
  • does not have a negative effect on the taste aroma or shelf-life of the product.
  • by choosing ‘Natural Branded’ products you are helping to reduce harmful plastic packaging

Pomegranate is an option for Halloween Natural Branding as well! Interested? Have a chat with your Eosta Account Manager.