Nature & More apples and pears are improving life in the Patagonian desert

Making a small but relevant contribution with your supermarket purchase - that is the idea behind the "1 Cent for the Future" campaign of Nature & More. For each kilogram of campaign-fruit that is sold, at least one cent goes to a social project in the grower's region. In this way Nature & More apple grower Hugo Sanchez is supporting 15 desert villages in a poor part of Argentina. His apples are coming to Europe soon - by boat of course!

When the organic apples and pears of Argentinean grower Hugo Sanchez land in your shopping cart, you're buying more than just a tasty piece of organic fruit. For each kilogram that is sold, a part of the margin goes to the Patagonian Desert Project - last year it amounted to a total of 6500 US dollars. Hugo Sanchez, his son Nicolas en Nicolas' wife Josephine are closely involved in this project that works for better living conditions and a brighter future for the local Mapuche community. They live in 15 tiny villages in the desert to the South of the Rio Negro valley. The Mapuche, traditionally sheep farmers, live in impoverished conditions without access to a mobile phone network or the internet.

*** 1 Cent for the future - small steps, great results ***

Hugo, Nicolas and Josephine are working together with local priest Javier Aguirre, who started the project. „Our most important mission is to make sure that the young people of the El Cuy province receive a good education, in order to improve their chances for the future", Hugo Sanchez explains. „If they want to continue school after their primary education, they will have to leave their birth ground and live in General Roca, which has a university. We support them in this process. We have also founded a library and we organise excursions." Apart from education, the project has also been active in planting trees, building small greenhouses and installing sanitary and electrical provisions. And that is just a small part of the activities!

In order to ensure shoppers are aware of this great project and get a better understanding of the social side of organic fruit, Nature & More has developed special in store POS-materials which can be supplied with the fresh organic apples and pears.

Apart from the Patagonian Desert Project in Argentina, the Nature & More 1 Cent for the future campaign also supports other great projects including a water well in Burkina Faso (Zongo Adama, code 565 at www.natureandmore.com) and a school project in Mexico (Javier Moreno, code 451 at www.natureandmore.com).

Nature & More is the "trace & tell" trademark of Eosta, international leading distributor of organic fruits and vegetables. Transparency, sustainability and fairness are central to the company's philosophy. On numerous occasions Nature & More has received awards for its online transparency system, which allows consumers to trace a product to the grower. More information: www.natureandmore.com en www.eosta.com.

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