Nature & More consumers raise € 12.000 for water well

The women and children of Bounouna, Burkina Faso, are more than satisfied with last mango season. European consumers enjoyed a lot of their organic, fairtrade mango's, which means the villagers will have a new waterwell by the end of this year. The well will save them a 4 km long daily walk to the river. The money was raised through the Nature & More 1 Cent for the Future campaign.

Zongo Adama, mango supplier of Nature & More in Burkina Faso, is delighted: “On behalf of the villagers of Bounouna I would like to thank all customers and consumers of Nature & More for their conscious buying decision and good taste! By buying our mango's they contributed directly to building a water well in this village. I will personally make sure that all the money goes straight to the project.”

Grower Zongo and Bounouna villagers say "Thank you!"

For every kilogram of organic Burkina Faso mango's sold, 1 cent was put aside - on top of the regular fairtrade premium. This way 12.000 euro was raised over the course of the last two years. Nature & More's mango specialist Pieter-Jan Nieuwenhuijs got so enthusiastic about the project that he went to the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam to sell the mango's to visitors personally and raise money for the well.

Zongo Adama explains why the well is badly needed: "The villagers now take their water from a little river that is not very clean. During the dry season they have to walk a distance of 4 km and carry the water back. This is usually done by women and children. A water well means that clean and safe drinking water will be at hand, leaving them more precious time for school and work."

Nature & More is the "trace & tell" trademark of Eosta, leading distributor of organic fruit and vegetables. With a code sticker on the product consumers can pay a virtual visit to the grower. More info about Zongo can be found using code 565 on www.natureandmore.com. The 1 Cent for the Future campaign sponsors several social projects every year.