Nature & More crownless pineapple: a small innovation with huge benefits

Press release - Nature & More is introducing organic crownless pineapples. A simple idea with massive implications – the crownless pineapple is good for the environment as well as for the supply chain. This innovation reduces the C02 emissions because it enables the fruit to be packed in most efficient way possible.

The pineapple crown is removed in Costa Rica and as a consequence more organic pineapples fit in a carton which helps reduce the transport costs and the environmental impact. Why transport something that the consumer throws away anyway?

The crownless pineapple also offers advantages for the consumer, since the shelf-life is longer and the banderol label is easy to read and doesn’t fall off easily. The fact that the organic pineapple is crownless and has an attractive banderol makes the organic fruit easy to distinguish from conventional counterpart.

On the banderol label around the pineapple one can also find the Nature & More grower "stamp" of Luis Carlos and Edgar Corrales. A three digit grower code allows the consumer to “virtually” visit these Costa Rican heroes through the natureandmore.com website (763 & 761).

Images in HR:

Nature & More: Michael Wilde, T +31 180 63 55 63, M +31 6 20 535 063, michael.wilde@eosta.com.