Nature & More launches “Bees love Organic” Campaign

March 2012 - At the recent Biofach and Fruit Logistica Trade Fairs, the new "Bees love Organic" campaign was launched. The campaign not only focuses on the importance and plight of the bees but also highlights the positive link between bees and organic agriculture. On the one hand organic agriculture is about working with nature and stimulating biodiversity yet at the same time prohibiting the use of dangerous chemical compounds and GMO's. To help the bees and send out a positive message about how organic farming is part of the solution and not the problem Nature and More will be distributing 400,000 bags of organic flower seeds in Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, The Czech Republic and Belgium.

The campaign is a joint initiative between Nature & More, NGO's focusing on helping the bees (Netzwerk Blühende Landschaft &The Dutch Bee Association), De Bolster (supplier of organic seeds) and Bionext.