Nature & More launches turmeric in pillboxes at Fruit Logistica

Waddinxveen, 13 February – Last Thursday Nature & More/Eosta, specialist in organic fruits and vegetables, launched its new product range Health Wonders which promotes proactive health care. The range will be a selection of organic roots with health advantages, including turmeric and ginger. At Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin the Dutch distributor satirised the communication style of “Big Pharma”. A few hundred “pill boxes” with turmeric and an authentic looking pack-age insert (which included two recipes) were handed out.

A sick patient, an American pill doctor and a Chinese traditional healer adorned the presentation of Health Wonders. In a brief sketch “Petra Krankgeschrieben” was cured of her addiction to the pills of “Jeremy Pillbooster”, thanks to the turmeric of “Dr Gin Seng”. The sketch ended with Volkert Engelsman, CEO of Eosta, receiving a “Health Wonder Award” for his company’s contributions to public health.

Engelsman was not the only entrepreneur at Fruit Logistica to receive the playful tribute. Several stand holders promoting their fruit and vegetables were visited by the actors and were rewarded with the trophy for their contributions to preventive health care. Behind the gesture was a serious message: doctors and nutrition scientists recognize widely that eating more fruits and vegetables is beneficial for public health.

After the presentation Volkert Engelsman clarified: “As a famous food writer said, for a long time we have been fed by the food industry who didn’t pay attention to our health, while we were treated by the health industry that paid no attention to food. Human civilisation however has known for centuries that food and health are closely connected. That’s why we decided to introduce this product range with the slogan “Back to your roots”.”

Turmeric, the first root to be sold by Nature & More as a Health Wonder, offers health advantages both according to Asian medicine and western medicine. It is also the spice that gives a yellow colour to curry. In PubMed, the online database for medical scientific publications, more than 6000 publications about the turmeric and curcumin (the main active ingredient) can be found.

At the BioFach trade fair in Nürnberg (15-18 February) Eosta/Nature & More will continue to promote Health Wonders in Hal 7, stand 625.