Nature & More supports local farm school in Mexico

June 2012 - Earlier this year Nature & More handed over a check for € 3000 to organic lime grower Javier Moreno. The donation will go to funding a school for the children of his workers. The money was raised through the Nature & More "Ye da mo ase / thank you" campaign where for every kg of fruit sold, € 0,01 is donated to a social project that is initiated by the grower.

Pieter de Keijzer, purchase manager citrus and Volkert Engelsman (CEO) handed over the cheque to Javier. Pieter explains: "Javier supplies us with fresh organic limes which is labour intensive business. His workforce are indigenous people living in the mountains. Every year they come into the valleys and knock on Javier's door looking for work. They know that Javier is a good employer who takes care of his people. Consequently a small community is now living and working on the farm of Javier and for the children, Javier has now built a school. Furthermore he has built 14 houses and intends to build another 50. As a result the workers stay at Javier's farm and develop their knowledge and skills".

The "Ye da mo ase / Thank you" campaign was not only set up to raise money for great projects but also to raise awareness as to where products come from and under what conditions they are grown and harvested. Nature & More will continue to support and highlight the great work of Javier Moreno through the website and personal sustainability flower of Javier.