Nature & More: "Sweet potato is food for the future"

Last week the International Week of the Sweet Potato started in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland. Nature & More was one of the original initiators of the event. Starting this week, Nature & More can supply new organic sweet potatoes from the USA. According to product manager Sander Dijkslag the sweet potato is a real superfood for the future, because of its high yield in kilo's per hectare, combined with a high nutritional value and a great taste.

"In the tropics, the sweet potato is one of the most productive crops," Sander Dijkslag explains. "The harvest in kilograms is comparable to normal potatoes and better then maize, but on top of that the sweet potato has all the nutritional value of a real vegetable. It contains a lot of fibre and vitamin A, but also a lot of C, B6, manganese, potassium and significant amounts of other minerals and vitamins. In Uganda the vitamin A in sweet potatoes is protecting many children from blindness. You can definitely say it's a superfood."

Good for diabetes
The name 'sweet potato' may lead one to suspect that the tuber is not the right vegetable for countries that are facing a diabetes epidemic. But actually it is, very much so, Sander explains: "Sweet potato have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar levels, especially if you eat them with the peal. To have the maximum nutritional value without pesticide residues, the best choice is to eat the organic kind. Nature & More imports them from the USA, where they originated and were cultivated by native Americans, long before the Europeans came.

More information about the Barnes family and their farm can be found on www.natureandmore.com with code 170. From 21st March onwards Nature & More can supply organic sweet potatoes.

(photo: Jose Calderon of Farmpak, USA presents sweet potatoes to Sander Dijkslag of Nature & More)