One hundred and seventy (!) different pesticides found

Newsletter - 2023-03-16T153020.709

The European project SPRINT, funded by the European Commission, is conducting large-scale research into the presence of pesticides in the environment, animals and humans. Interim results show that a mixture of pesticide residues can be found almost everywhere in the environment, as well as in animals and humans. Further research should reveal the effects of these mixtures of substances on health.

Over the past two years, the study has looked at what pesticide residues can be found in the environment, in animals and in humans in what quantities. In 10 different European countries and in Argentina, SPRINT researchers took samples of soil, surface water, sediment, house dust and air. Blood was also drawn from more than 700 people and stool and urine samples were examined. The samples were tested for 207 different pesticides, of which 151 were allowed on the market and 56 were rejected. However, residues of these can still be found after years.

The European Union wants to reduce the use of chemical pesticides by 50% by 2030, as mentioned in the Farm to Fork Strategy. The results of the SPRINT study can be used in this transition to less and more sustainable use of pesticides in agriculture. Source survey: https://www.wur.nl/nl/nieuws/170-verschillende-bestrijdingsmiddelen-aangetroffen-in-milieu-dieren-en-mensen-in-nederland.htm

Organic is Part Of The Solution. Do you know the report: “Organic Agriculture and the Sustainable Development Goals”. As this report proves, if the global community is serious about achieving the SDGs by 2030 it is essential that we switch to more sustainable farming practices like organic. Link to the report: https://www.natureandmore.com/sites/www.natureandmore.com/files/documenten/nm_final_report_en_lr.pdf