Organic limes from Brazil

Virgin Mojito with Organic Limes ENGLISH LR code 115.pdf


Glad to share that we have plenty of organic limes from Brazil in stock for you!

Organic limes have no wax on the peel and therefore are perfect for drinks and recipes. 

Interesting facts about Limes:

  • Lime juice is used in cooking and in drinks. Lime oils are often used in perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Did you know; limes sink whereas lemons float
  • Limes contain Vitamin C, which combats scurvy. During the 19th century, English soldiers were therefore rationed with one lime (which cost less than lemons) a day. This is why the English are sometimes called Limeys.
  • Limes are native to India. They were probably introduced in the New World in the late 15th century by Christopher Columbus, who carried lime seeds with him on his second voyage.
  • One lime tree can produce over 1000 fruits annually
  • The bigger the leaves the smaller the limes

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