Organic Oranges from Egypt

Valencia oranges W14 22


Eosta is known as a supplier of a wide range of premium organic fruits and vegetables, but one product group we really excel in is citrus fruit! In the coming months we can offer not only significant volumes but also a wide range of varieties like our organic oranges from Egypt.

Nature & More grower Mafa: “Our organic citrus products are also Demeter biodynamic certified.  When it comes to soil, this means a holistic farming system that is minimally dependant on outside inputs. No artificial fertilizer is used, because this effectively kills all soil life. Instead, compost is the vital ingredient for keeping the soil healthy. It enhances life in the soil and improves the soil structure. Due to the special humus structure the water holding capacity of the soil increases up to 70% which is very important in the Egyption arid climate. Good composting in fact helps to address the worlds’ biggest environmental and agricultural problems, such as soil degradation, climate change, the excessive use of water and the increasing amount of waste”.

Sufficient oranges in stock. Your Eosta account manager knows the juicy details!

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