Organic Passionfruit, unique in taste

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Hi, my name is Sergio Lloreda and together with a superb team we grow organic passionfruit for Nature & More here in Colombia. Thank you for buying our delicious fruits !

Sustainability Flower
Regarding the paddle ‘individual’ from the Nature & More sustainability flower, we would like to link to our workers. As we are an organic farm we don’t use any pesticides, which means that our workers are not exposed to these harmful chemicals in their daily work. 

Wrinkled = sweet
Sweet passion fruits should be wrinkly when you eat them, because it means they're ripe! The flavor of Passion fruit is a combination of sweet and sour with a  fragrant aroma, which adds to the eating experience.  It’s hard to compare them to another fruit since they are so unique, see it as a combination between a kiwi and a pineapple. TIP: try this delicious breakfast recipe for the best taste.  

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Visit my farm: natureandmore.com - (code 608)