Organic physalis packed in sugar cane: for a waste-free 2014

Press release - Nature & More's physalis is now beautifully packed. Nature & More's golden berry, also known as "cape gooseberry", was already certified organic and fair trade. Now packaging and transport are sustainable as well. The organic berries are transported by boat and the packaging material is made of sugar cane waste material. Tree-less and plastic free!

Carlos Velasco, product manager at Eosta, is proud of this sustainable delicacy. He explains: "Our physalis is grown by smallholder farmers in Colombia, who work in harmony with their surroundings. There's a great story behind it. We want to reflect that through our packaging. So we designed a beautiful little box, made with the waste material from cane sugar production. Not a single tree is chopped for that! And through the simple grower code on the box, you can learn more about the heroes behind the product."

Overseas transport is also arranged in a sustainable fashion, says Carlos. "Exotic specialties such as these are often flown in by airplane, basically because volumes are too small to transport by container. Our goal is always to transport by boat, because it's so much better for the climate. With this organic fair trade physalis we were able to make it happen!

More information about the origin and production of the organic physalis can be found with code 190 at www.natureandmore.com. Nature & More is the international "trace & tell" trademark for organic fruits and vegetables of Eosta, based in the Netherlands. Nature & More received numerous awards, including the Ecocare Award (Germany 2012) and the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (Austria 2013).