Organic Pomegranates from Turkey

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Nice to meet you, my name is Mehmet and we grow organic pomegranates in Turkey for Nature & More. Pomegranates are recognized as a symbol of fertility, prosperity and ambition. The season has just started. Do you know that the variety we deliver is Hicaz, famous for its  taste. 

Pomegranates and Natural Branding is a perfect match! As the weather has been so warm in Turkey, the color of our pomegranates is gorgeous red. This makes it perfect for Natural Branding. By choosing Natural Branding you are helping to reduce harmful plastic packagings. 

The most simple way to enjoy a pomegranate is to juice it using a citrus press or juicer. You can drink the juice as it is or mix it with freshly squeezed organic orange juice. To help you promote my pomegranates, Eosta is supplying free “You can juice a pomegranate” posters with the deliveries. Simply inform your account manager.

Visit my farm: natureandmore.com - (code 228)