Product of the Week : Demeter Valencia Oranges from Mafa, minimally dependent on outside inputs

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Hi, I am Mahmoud El Shishiny. We produce organic oranges and other citrus fruits in Egypt for Nature & More. We are certified organic since 1999. We also grow biodynamic (Demeter) products!

All our organic citrus products are also Demeter biodynamic certified. When it comes to soil, this means a holistic farming system that is minimally dependent on outside inputs. No artificial fertilizer is used because this effectively kills all soil life. Instead, compost is a vital ingredient for keeping the soil healthy. It enhances life in the soil and improves the soil structure. Due to the special humus structure, the water-holding capacity of the soil increases up to 70% which is very important in the Egyptian arid climate. Good composting in fact helps to address the world’s biggest environmental and agricultural problems, such as soil degradation, climate change, the excessive use of water and the increasing amount of waste. To achieve the best possible composting process, we worked with Soil & More, a daughter company of Nature & More. The final compost contains several millions of micro-organisms, a tightly knitted soil food web, creating a natural immune system for the plant, thus acting as a natural predator against most known soil-born diseases and other pathogens.

Read more about Biodynamic / Demeter farming: https://www.eosta.com/en/about-organic/biodynamic