Product of the Week : Organic Lemons from South Africa

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Johannes, organic citrus grower for Nature & More in South Africa: “Organic farming started here many years ago when I noticed that the warm air of the valley was no longer laden with the scent of oranges, due to intensive use of chemicals. More and more growers went out of business, because of the deregulation of the citrus industry. Many parts of the valley were neglected. After doing some research, I decided that organic farming was the answer to both these problems. Now the orchards are strong and healthy again!”

The flood plains of the Sundays River Valley have fertile red soil. We employ advanced composting techniques to maintain the fertility of these soils. The positive effects of this are numerous. Soil water management is improved, with better drainage and reduced erosion and runoff. As a result the soil is more resistant to drought or flooding. Biodiversity is greatly improved. Soil-borne diseases are suppressed. More organic matter is stored in the soil, that compensates for greenhouse gas emissions. In short, good composting brings fertility and saves the climate!

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