Product of the week: organic pineapple from Andres



Hi, my name is Andres and I grow organic pineapples for Nature & More here in Costa Rica. Eosta is in a position to offer our organic pineapples with its True Cost calculation; the comparison of hidden costs of the pineapple production between organic and non organic. The outcome confirms that when you include all costs, a choice for organic is better for everyone. Examples of these hidden costs are the costs of filtering water and restoring soil as a result of agrochemical pollution, but also loss of biodiversity, climate change (as a result of fertilizer production) and the costs incurred for treating victims of pesticide poisoning.

The True Cost of Food campaign was developed in close cooperation with the FAO, Soil & More and accountant EY. Eosta CEO Volkert Engelsman explains: “We have developed a template to not only measure sustainability performance but also monetize it. The conclusion is crystal clear: organic is not expensive, conventional is too cheap. And true cost accounting is becoming mainstream!”

Download the report: natureandmore.com/discover-the-true-cost-of-food

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