Product of the Week: Organic Williams Pears from Argentina

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Hi, my name is Hugo and we grow organic apples and pears for Nature & More in Argentina. As from week 10 the Wiliams Pears will arrive in the Eosta warehouse. The season is about to start, we are looking forward!

True Cost of Food 
We will continue to compare and share the hidden costs of organic and non-organic apple and pear production. The calculations based upon a FAO model, prove that organic pears are not expensive and conventional is far too cheap.

Sustainable non local fruit? 
It is a common misconception that ‘non local’ fruit is perhaps less ‘sustainable’. Many people immediately think that these products are flown in by air and therefore have a massive C02 footprint. We therefore welcome every opportunity to inform our customers and the end consumer that our apples and pears are transported by ship only. Furthermore independent studies show that the C02 emission of a fresh Argentinean pear is lower than that of an European pear that has spent months in special cooling chambers. At Eosta we focus on the sustainable impact which includes ecological as well as social issues.

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