Save Our Soils with the Soilmate

Press release - Berlin, 29 May 2013: Nature & More today launched the ‘Soilmate’ as part of the Save Our Soils campaign. The Soilmate, which was unveiled in a guerrilla gardening initiative in the centre of Berlin, is a specially-designed carton with organic tomatoes, soil and basil seeds. It also contains information on the issue of soil degradation and explains how consumers can win a prize by filming their own urban farming initiative. Former minister of Agriculture and famous TV-cook Sarah Wiener were present and expressed their support for Save Our Soils.

“Compost is the new gold”
The Soilmate and the Save Our Soils campaign were originally conceived by Nature & More founder Volkert Engelsman, who attended an international press conference held in the German capital to coincide with the launch. "As simple as it looks, the Soilmate can help raise awareness among millions of consumers and encourage them to become involved in saving our soils," he said. Among other speakers was the former German minister of Agriculture, Renate Künast, who noted that; "healthy soil is the key to global food security. Compost is the new gold."

Save Our Soils
The Save Our Soils campaign was initiated to address the shocking fact that fertile soil is lost at a rate of 30 soccer pitches per minute, mainly due to irresponsible farming. The campaign has three focus areas:

  • The soil is the limit. Healthy soil is the very foundation of human existence, since 99.7% of our food comes from the soil.
  • Organic is the solution. Organic farming has proven itself to be the most suitable method of protecting the soil for future generations.
  • Become a soldier. Inspiring consumers to help save soils by buying organic products or by becoming urban farmers.

40 partner organizations
40 partner organizations, including the British Soil Association, Oxfam, the FAO (UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization), WWF and representatives from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, India and the Netherlands have joined forces to ensure the subject of soil degradation is placed firmly on the consumer agenda. The campaign, driven by Nature & More and the FAO, sees NGOs teaming up with the private sector in order to reach out to the general public as well as to influence policy makers. The message to consumers is clear: every time you make a purchase, you cast a vote on the future of the planet.


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