Sorry, this burger doesn't exist - but it should!



Last week we got quite a few enthusiastic applications for our McYam tasting panel, after we announced our new cooperation with Mc Donald's on the upcoming YAM-burger.  Unfortunately, it was an April Fools joke.  Sorry to disappoint you! There was a serious message behind it, though.  To make our food system healthier for people and planet, a transition to vegetable protein is dearly needed. The price of meat is artificially kept low,  but there are a lot of hidden costs for the environment involved, not too mention impacts on the health system. The True Price of meat would be almost twice as high.  

Eosta is strongly in favour of vegetable alternatives, which are healthier, cheaper and much better for the environment.  That's why we invented the YAM-burger. The yam may not be the best meat replacement, however, because it contains mainly starch, only a little protein, and no fat. Otherwise, the YAM is very healthy, containing lots of vitamins, fibres and magical plant nutrients. Yams are anti-diabetic and can improve women's hormonal health.