Sustainability flower: Water

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The Sustainability Flower is a framework to Monitor, Manage, Market and Monetize the sustainability impacts of an organization or production process. This includes impacts on both natural and social capital. The Flower can be used to monitor the sustainable development of an organisation over time. Eosta uses the Flower  to assess and communicate the sustainability performance of its growers. This time we are highlighting the water petal as it was World Water day on march 22nd.

Water is a vital resource for life on earth, it is an integral component of our ecosystem. The importance of water for agricultural practices is crystal clear. Without sufficient, clean water it is impossible to grow food. Hence, fair and efficient allocation of water resources is crucial for our global food production challenge.

When it comes to sustainable water management, organic farming can play a vital role. By using compost-enriched soil, farmers are increasing the water-holding capacity of the soil by up to 70% and therefore reducing the need for irrigation!

Eosta's organic avocados save 17,6 L of water each! In total Eosta saves 1,241,034 liters of water each day with organic produce, compared to conventional produce. For more information on these calculations see our website.