Sustainability Flower

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The Sustainability Flower is a framework to Monitor, Manage, Market and Monetize the sustainability impacts of an organization or production process. This includes impacts on both natural and social capital. The Flower can be used to monitor the sustainable development of an organisation over time. Eosta uses the Flower to assess and communicate the sustainability performance of its growers.

Each of the seven flower petals represents a vital aspect of the total environmental and social impact. For every petal an elaborate indicator scheme was developed, based on GRI guidelines. Performance is measured by both quantitative and qualitative indicators. The Sustainability Flower points the way to a sustainable food system and a green and fair economy - where ecology meets economy.

Eosta uses the Sustainability Flower as a communication tool, because we believe that there can be no sustainability without transparency. Exploitation always comes surfing on the back of anonymity

The Sustainability Flower was developed in 2009 by the International Association & Partnership for Ecology and Trade, an international group of prominent pioneers and innovators of the organic movement. Among them are the founders and leaders of Eosta, Sekem, Alnatura, Lebensbaum, Rapunzel, Fibl, IFOAM, Soil & More and the Soil Association. They were looking to unite ecological and social values in a single elegant model.

For more information on the sustainability flower see our website.