Tropical Wonders - full of colours and taste!

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Tropical Wonders season is here again and we are in a strong position to offer a wide assortment. Our Tropical Wonder Product Manager Andrea would like to tell you a bit more about this beautiful range.

Andrea: "Our organic Tropical Wonders range is a wide, colorful and above all delicious assortment of exotic fruits, grown with passion by our Nature & More growers from around the world. The thing I like most is the fact that we discover new fruits and we make them accessible for everyone. There are so many special products all over the world and it’s amazing that we can bring them to Europe. My favorite products are organic passion fruit and papaya. They both have incredible health properties (one papaya serving will provide you all the vitamin C that you need in one day), are easy to eat, have a great taste. There are many ways of serving them. Looking for inspiring recipes in your store? www.natureandmore.com/en/recipes.

Below, you’ll find a good selection of the Tropical Wonders we have to offer. Contact your Eosta account manager for all details !

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