Vandana Shiva, Volkert Engelsman and Sarah Wiener: "Millions of organic farmers and consumers are already helping to save soils!"

Nürnberg/Waddinxveen, 13 February 2014 – At BioFach in Nurnberg today, world famous human rights activist Vandana Shiva and German TV-cook Sarah Wiener, together with campaign initiator Volkert Engelsman, staged a guerrilla planting action on the BioFach grounds. Key message: the future of food depends on soils and seeds. For a year now, the Save Our Soils campaign has been calling attention to the worldwide threat of soil loss.

The inner court of the Nurnberg fair grounds provided the background for the guerrilla planting action. Vandana Shiva, Sarah Wiener and Volkert Engelsman lifted a number of tiles, filled the hole with fertile soil and planted two huge cabbages. Vandana Shiva, fighter for women's and farmer's rights: „In the fight against soil loss, we must work together worldwide! All nations are hit by the consequences, but the Southern hemisphere suffers the most. The good news is that millions of organic farmers and consumers are already helping to save our soils and seeds."

Ecological farming offers a tremendous opportunity that we should graps with both hands, according to the campaign ambassadors. SOS-ambassador Sarah Wiener, Germany's most famous tv-cook: "In ecological agriculture the soil is seen as a living organism, which must be taken care of. The soil will thank us for abandoning pesticides and fertilizers by yielding plants that are healthy and resilient."

Volkert Engelsman, CEO of Nature & More, was set on staging the action at BioFach: "Many decision makers and catalysts meet here. We must join forces to show that the future of food is in our hands, in the true sense of the word. Everyone, including growers, retailers and consumers, has the unique opportunity to make a conscious choice for organic food en thereby help to save soils. The only prior condition is that consumers are well informed and that transparency is provided!"

Engelsman amplified: "Looking at different aspects of sustainability such as CO2-emissions, biodiversity, water storage capacity and social stability, we find that they all meet in one place: the fertile soil, which is the foundation of our society and our food system. Save Our Soils wants to put this underestimated issue in the limelight. Time is running out. UN statistics show that every minute a surface of thirty soccer fields of fertile soil is lost."

More information: www.saveoursoils.com and www.natureandmore.com.